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Surrounded by the Irish Sea and sandwiched between northern England, Wales, Scotland and northern Ireland, the Isle of Man is almost 50 km / 31 miles in length and around 24 km / 15 miles at the widest point. Known for its low taxes and off-shore banking, the Isle of Man has an overall population of roughly 77,000 people, 23,000 of which live in the island's capital city of Douglas.

Close to Douglas and to the south-west, the Isle of Man Airport (IOM) is situated on the southern side of the island, in the Ronaldsway region and near to the town of Castletown. Dating back to 1929, the Isle of Man Airport serves almost one million passengers each year and was modernised and extended at the end of the 20th century.

Isle of Man Airport (IOM) Maps: Important City Districts

The city of Douglas lies in the centre of the eastern coast and has been the capital since the middle of the 19th century. Douglas is especially tourist friendly and has much to offer, including plenty of large shops and department stores, an attractive seafront, fine dining and seasonal horse-drawn trams.

Other areas of interest around the Isle of Man include the southerly village of Ballasalla, which is just a short distance from the airport. Port St. Mary lies further south and features an appealing harbour area, steam train rides and period cottages with thatched roofs. Nearby and to the east, Castletown is one of the most historic towns on the Isle of Man and features a medieval castle and busy harbour full of fishing boats.

On the western side of the Isle of Man, the city of Peel is home to a grand cathedral and ancient castle ruins, which date back to the end of the 14th century. Peel is also a good place for shopping, eating out and walking, with its scenic beachfront promenade being particularly popular.

Known as the capital of northern Isle of Man, the town of Ramsey boasts a thriving agricultural industry and a well-placed harbour, close to both England and Scotland.

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